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What Is Record Suspension – Explained Briefly

Nothing can be worse than having a criminal record which restricts you to get the desired job or even immigrate for one. However, you can now seal your criminal record from public view by considering pardon application. This is where the importance of record suspension is felt. Are you still wondering what is record suspension? Well, it is basically a pardon that helps people seal their criminal record from public viewing. In simple words, it is used in order to keep the record separate from other criminal records. 


What is record suspension?


It also helps in reducing the risk of discrimination that is associated with having a criminal record. However, it offers a reduction in discrimination in certain areas alone. The Canadian pardon has been changed to be known as record suspension.


There are certain aspects you need to understand about what is record suspension? You cannot just apply for a pardon. Understanding all about record suspension is needed as it works in your favour. Mentioned are some common questions often asked when applying for a pardon. 


Grant of the record suspension


It is granted by the Record Suspension and Clemency Division of the Parole Board of Canada. 


What happens once the record is suspended?


Well the record is actually sealed from public viewing. However, the record is not erased or expunged. It cannot be viewed by your neighbours, colleagues and so on. However, it is still viewable by the Canadian government. 


Why consider applying for record suspension?


Many people face a lot of discrimination when they have criminal record. However, all this is well taken care of when you have suspended the record. It actually works as proof that the criminal record should in no way reflect upon your character. This further reduces the discrimination risk that involves:










Employment involving job promotion, screening, downsizing and more




Rental agreements






Educational program


How much time does it take for record suspension?


Suspending a record mostly takes around 6-18 months. It needs to be processed keeping in mind a number of factors. It varies from the severity of the criminal record, length of record and more. In order to get the eligibility, it is wise to apply for record suspension at least 4-6 months. 


On what basis is the record suspension not granted?


It is not granted if a person:


Fails to meet the criteria of good conduct


Is not able to demonstrate how a record suspension will prove beneficial


Eligibility of the record suspension is offered only if you have completed the sentences, fines, costs, and probation and compensation orders. In order to know whether or not you qualify for the pardon or record suspension, it is wise to fill the form provided online. Now that you have all the information on what is record suspension, you are just a step away from getting it. You can get in touch with the professional to help get started with the process.


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