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Custom Kydex Holsters Can Prolong the Life of Your Handgun

A handgun is a dangerous weapon that must be stored safely when it is not used. When the weapon is properly kept in an appropriate holster, it can prolong the life of the weapon and maintain its functionality without problems or hiccups. A good holster is a basic requirement which every gun owner or user must fulfill.


Even the law is insistent on safe carry on guns using holster. Consumers could consider quality holsters for this objective.


Branded with Reliability


One of the more popular holster brands in the market today is Kydex. This established holster brand has been supplying quality holsters for many years with many designs, sizes and shapes to fit any style or budget. Kydex holsters could be found readily in the market to suit the different preferences of different consumers.


The Kydex brand is widely recognized in the market for its stringent standards on quality and functionality. Its strict manufacturing standards and processes ensure a reliable holster for consumers throughout its lifetime. The brand adopts the best of materials via the latest technologies and manufacturing techniques to design stylish yet dynamic holsters that are functional and long lasting.


Special materials of high quality and latest technologies are utilized in producing premium holsters that would fit different types of handguns consumers would buy to use. Intensive research is conducted to identify the material strength and durability to ensure a tough holster that exceeds its functionality.


Types and Applications





Custom Kydex holsters could come in various styles and designs but the more popular options seem to be Kydex iwb holsters and Kydex owb holsters. These stylish inside and outside waistband holsters are well designed to fit the various handguns which consumers tend to purchase.


Kydex offers inside waistband holsters that are specifically designed to fit the gun on the inside of clothing to be well concealed from prying eyes or malicious intents. Kydex IWB holsters function to store the weapon safely until its use where Kydex OWB holsters are placed on the outside of clothing with a clear view which could be seen on law enforcement officers patrolling the streets to deter riots and disorder.


Prolonging Lifespan of Holsters


Kydex holsters are known for their high quality in materials selected for the manufacturing of the carry shape and size. When the handgun is put in a well designed carry holster like those offered by Kydex, the gun fits snugly in the compartment without much movement that causes friction and potential wear and tear.


When the gun is kept safely in the holster, it would not drop out accidentally with the safety catch locked on. Hence, the gun would not be triggered off to hurt anyone and this contributes to the longer lifespan of the weapon. The high quality material that Kydex uses on its carry holsters is specially designed to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the gun with an effective sheltering from the heat, moisture and rough handling. Kydex high quality holsters would prevent an over-exposure on weather that could bring on rust and decay on handguns.