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Top 10.1 things not to do-say in an interview

Now,it is time for us to look at what should not be done in an interview.

1) Say that it was a blind interview as in your friend set you up and so you do not know anything about the company and then say tell me about your company. :P

2) Stress that working while being drunk is your biggest strength . Now, this must win you some extra points. How many people can actually claim something like that?

3) Ask your interviewer his/her package and say "Oh man that sucks, I know a company that pays better" Well you are saying the truth; that should be some importance.

4) Mention that you are looking for a job as it was against the rules to use the office space for bachelor party in your old office! Everyone loves a good bachelor

party and enjoys it. Your boss must understand your situation. :)

5) Check your watch and say "Sorry, I have to go as my dealer is waiting at my place" Punctuality is a good quality and hopefully your interviewers understand that. :P

6) Suddenly stand up and say "Do i look fat? My gf/bf thinks so" Clearing you doubts is never wrong. Is it?

7) Ask the interviewer(woman) if you have seen her in any strip club before . What? She can have a double identity.

8) Walk into the room and say "Right, so what is the process? Do you ask questions or should I" If you are that confident then go for it.

9) When asked why this company ? Reply by saying " Why not this company? What is wrong with it" This is an answer i really want to give one day. I mean, i really like

the company or else why would i be there giving an interview?

10) Explain that your future plan is to become a dictator of some country. Everyone is told to dream big and try to achieve it. So, really nothing wrong in having

dreams right?

10.1) Express that your resume could have been better if you had more time to prepare. It is understandable; you need time to come up with interesting things. What? It

is not easy to make things up. You would know if you tried it before.

PS: If you do some of these things in your interview; won't you make an unforgettable impression? Seriously though, trying any of these things in an interview might

not be your greatest idea. There will be times when you can try one of these things hopefully :P

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