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The importance of music in your child’s life

Kids these days lead a pretty hectic life – between school and all their fun activities, they have very little time for anything else. While most parents schedule sports and other creative activities for their children to expand their horizons, they forget about music. One of the common misconceptions is that a child will show an inclination to music on their own, if they are interested. The truth is that children need to be introduced to music from a very young age. If you live in Singapore, you have access to some of the best music schools. Try a Music lesson Singapore and watch your child transform.


Develop academic and physical skills

Music goes a long way in helping develop your child’s academic and physical skills. Kids keyboard lessons, for example, teach your child about rhythm, beat and scales. By understanding these basics of music, children begin to understand fractions, learn to divide and begin to recognize patterns. Plucking the strings of a violin or a guitar teaches your child about vibrations. Percussion instruments and instruments like the keyboard, piano and the violin, demand use of different parts of your body simultaneously, thereby developing and enhancing your child’s  motor skills, and so on.


Learn about other cultures and develop social skills

Any instrument that your child learns to play has a history – a history that tells you where it came from and its cultural significance. At music schools like the Academy of Rock, kids learn not only how to play instruments but also where they come from. In addition to this, they also learn to interact with other people, other kids and become team players. Playing an instrument often requires being a part of an orchestra or a band and this teaches them how to be a part of a team and to work together with others.


Building personality

Music lessons build personality. Learning to play an instrument requires hard work and patience. It is not about instant gratification and kids learn to appreciate this. In addition to this it also boosts their self confidence. A simple Singing lesson Singapore maybe is all that it will take. Performing in front of an audience, even though it may only be other students gives children the confidence to hold their own in public. It also teaches them to make sure that they are heard. Another very important lesson that every kid learns is that no one is perfect. Group lessons show them this.


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