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5 Ways to Provide Free Meals for Seniors

Food is one of the most essential elements responsible for our survival and it is sad to know that there are millions of people in this world who are deprived of this very basic necessity of life. Hunger is not just an epidemic that is seen in some underdeveloped nation in Africa, but hunger is an alarming social phenomenon that’s even terrorizing developed nations like the US.

Senior citizens are in fact the worst victims of hunger next to children. They are old, dependent and ill; and those seniors who are poor and neglected are leading a worried life every day. Getting a decent, healthy meal, three times a day becomes the biggest challenge they have to face every day. Though many are willing to work, their age and body don’t permit them to be self-dependent. In such a case, the only way these senior citizens can lead a life of dignity and good health is when someone provides them free meals on a regular basis. Providing free meals for seniors and making sure that their last days are not spent in misery and hunger is a divine thing to do. Here are a few ways how a common man can contribute to this divine cause and do a little of their share.

1. Donate to Food Banks

This is one of the easiest ways to provide free meals for seniors. There are many selfless food banks and organizations that are relentlessly working towards this cause without expecting any returns. The least one could do is boost their morale and strength by providing financial aid and encouraging them to continue their good work. You can visit them in person or make online payments if it’s a trustworthy organization that promises to use all of its funds to provide free meals for seniors.

2. Buy Groceries

There are many senior citizens who are hungry and weak because they can’t afford to buy the groceries and cook for themselves. The least you could do is pick a few extra groceries while you shop for your family every week and when there is enough groceries to distribute, give it to the needy on a monthly basis.

3. Be a Volunteer

Though they are many organizations that are striving hard to provide free meals for seniors and though they receive donations, it doesn’t mean they are not having difficulties to keep the free service up and running. Along with financial and moral aid, they are also looking for people who can help them in cooking free meals, organize food drives, rescue and shelter senior citizens suffering from hunger.

4. Create Awareness

Help the food banks to provide free meals for seniors by spreading the good word among your friends and family. Take up to social media like Facebook and Twitter and organize fundraisers to let people know the hunger crisis that’s prevailing and inspire them to pitch in with you and do their little for the cause.

5. Raise Your Voice

Hunger can only be eradicated when change happens both at grass root levels and authoritative levels. Join various social service organizations and plead local authorities and governments to release more funds or bring amendments to ensure safety and health of senior citizens by providing shelter and free meals for seniors.


Carlisa, Inc., a non-profit food bank organization in Brewton, AL, serving the community for more than 17 years by providing free meals for the needy, college students, seniors ( ), and the disabled in the U.S.