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An awning is a covering for outdoor areas of the home that is mounted above a door or window. Essentially, the function of an awning is to provide ample coverage for these spaces where sunlight is present, but it also serves a decorative purpose, since it adds a beautiful design element that enhances any architectural space. If you are looking to buy an awning, consider 

OmbraSole as your number one choice.


When choosing an awning for your home, there are several factors to consider such as budget, materials, and style preference, helping you pick out the best option. Let’s discuss them here: 


What is your attitude towards decorating your home? Are you the type who re-decorates regularly or do you prefer a certain look for a long period of time? If so, fixed awnings will not be suitable for you because it is a permanent fixture once installed and cannot be removed easily when you are no longer happy with it.


Consider the type of activity you need to operate a retractable awning. Do you want to go automatic, which means that the awning moves when you press a button, or can you handle the manual operation where you have to turn a wheel for a few minutes to raise or lower an awning?


How much are you willing to spend? Between a fixed and retractable awning, the latter would be more costly because it entails some mechanism to open or close it. Also, compare prices by checking out various awning manufacturers like OmbraSole before you decide on buying.


Check for good quality construction like aircraft grade aluminum tubing or extruded steel and enamel or powder-coated finishing for durability and good looks. Avoid awnings that are light and flimsy because it may be easily damaged especially during bad weather.


Choose a fabric that is breathable, waterproof, mold-resistant and blocks up to 90% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays for maximum protection. Fabric choices include vinyl, canvas, or acrylic yarns, just to name a few.


If you prefer to install it yourself, ask the manufacturer to provide you with an easy to follow instruction guide or customer support when you have other concerns.


Check and make sure that you have at least five years warranty on your product. It’s also worth looking into customer testimonials to see how reputable your awning supplier especially in the event that you encounter any defects.  


How much coverage from sunlight do you need? Since fixed awnings use aluminum sheets, their insulation capability is inferior compared to a retractable awning because the canvas is better suited in absorbing heat. The canvas is also more effective in blocking out the sun’s UV rays rather than the aluminum sheet, which cannot deflect the sun’s UV rays.

Consider the frequent weather activity in your surroundings. If it constantly rains, a cloth awning will take longer to dry up even if the fabric is water resistant. Aluminum sheets will hold rainfall better due to minimal moisture seepage. 


Count on a reliable awnings supplier like OmbraSole. They have a wide selection of products including retractable awnings and stationary awnings for commercial and residential use. 


Ombrasole takes pride in their high-quality and unique awning designs including a full range of canvas colors by Sunbrella with a warranty of 10 years. They cater to both residential and commercial buildings. Check out their website for more