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Huge Amount of Vital Energy of Man Now Begins To Go On Masturbation

The masturbation is harmful. To tell about the consequences of Male Masturbation

Masturbators, which became a habit - this phenomenon is negative, over the years, destroying the body, man's inner world, bringing chaos in human life and generating a lot of negative consequences in the life and inner world of man.

Oddly enough, but the principle is very similar to the effects of narcotic drugs. The first few times a person literally "flies" from the experience of orgasm, feeling unusually bright because the human body has a tremendous amount of free vital energy, which creates a sense of euphoria in humans. During this period, formed a stable habit of repetition of pleasure, a man begins to live with masturbation, it becomes his habit, anyway, that the habit of bathing, eating breakfast or brushing your teeth. Accordingly, a huge amount of vital energy of man now begins to go on masturbation.

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