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Why should You Go for Water Test

If you want to secure health of your family members, good quality water test is one of the best investments that you can think of. Water test is essential even if you are receiving water from the municipal treatment facility. Even if there is very little amount of contaminant in water, it can prove hazardous for your health.

Even if the water treatment facility supplying water claims that the water is safe, it is important you test the water. The fact is, in most of the cases such reports are prepared to make the water appear safer than it is in reality. These reports are not very reliable either, as there are not many EPA inspectors to test the water. Nearly thousands of contaminants pass through filters in municipal treatment facilities every single day.

Filtrating system in the local water treatment facility helped in decentralization of water that helped removing particulates. This was designed when the level of chemicals, industrial wastes in water was low. Parasites and bacteria were considered the biggest threats.

Good quality water test kits could immediately trace presence of chlorine in tap water, as this was used to eliminate parasites and bacteria contained in water. There are many who believe that chlorine was not capable of destroying microscopic organisms living in the reservoirs. Even if the water is disinfected with chlorine, a parasite named cyst survives in water.

Carcinogen is another disinfectant chemical that does not die even when water is disinfected with chlorine. With every sip of unfiltered water that you drink, you ingest carcinogen. Chlorine is said to be one of the major cancer causing chemicals that is present in drinking water. You thus need to be very careful about the water you drink and conduct water test to eliminate any health risks.

Even if you are using well water that has not been chemically treated, you need to go for water test. Parasites and bacteria are considered the biggest threats for your health. Petroleum chemicals, pesticides, herbicides travel from distance through the groundwater system, which contaminates water, even before you are aware of it.

It is thus very important to go for water test, no matter from where you receive water. Water filters containing ion exchange, sub micron filtration and activated granular carbon can effectively remove about 99% of contaminants in water.

You should go for water test if you feel your water is staining plumbing and laundry fixtures, gives out a peculiar smell, or taste. It is an indication that you tap water contains chlorine. You must also ensure that the water filter you have bought is functioning properly.

So, now that you have read the entire article, you must be clear about the necessity of water test. You can browse online to gather information about the different  domestic water test kits available that you can look for and secure health of your family members and the loved ones.