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Tooth Colored Fillings

Often it’s necessary for a child to get a dental filling for a tooth that has developed dental decay. Teeth that have developed decay require these restorations to restore a tooth to its normal shape so that they can continue to function in chewing.


However dentists today are able to give more options when it comes to the material and color of a filling. Traditionally in the past metal amalgam fillings were used to fill teeth but now more increasingly tooth colored composite resin composites are being used to restore teeth back to health.


Tooth-colored composite fillings have a number of advantages including the following:


  • They blend in well with the rest of the teeth because their color can be matched


  • They seal teeth well because they bond to teeth helping to prevent further decay



  • Some composite resins can release fluoride helping to prevent additional decay


  • They can be placed on smaller areas than what is needed for an amalgam filling, saving more tooth structure.



For the front teeth composite resin fillings are usually the material of choice since they can restore the natural looking appearance of the teeth. However composite fillings are also quite durable and can be used for the back teeth as well.


The placement of composite fillings is more technique sensitive than amalgam fillings and the teeth that are being restored must be kept clean and dry during placement. In children this process can take a little longer but our specialists have the experience to keep children still and comfortable during the procedure.


Preventing the need for fillings is of course the best case scenario. That’s why at Dental Works 4 Kids we focus on proper oral hygiene and start seeing children as early as age 1 for dental checkups as recommended by the Canadian Pediatric Dental Association. If your child has not been to the dentist yet or is due for a dental checkup, call our office for an appointment. We will work with you and your child to improve dental hygiene and reduce the chances that he or she will need any fillings—composite or amalgam—at all.


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