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Jokes are considered as one of the best outlets for humor. The recess breaks, coffee breaks and reunions become much more joyful, when you include various jokes. Humor is supposed to be one of the most powerful antidotes to act as a support to your mental health and help in dealing with the everyday stress. It leaves the world grinning. Humor is considered to be very important in life. After all, with all the hectic schedules and stressful life, a pinch of humor is must to keep the vicious circle of life going on. Humor has the power of changing moods. It can drag a person out of the dull situations of life periodically, and make him feel better. Even if it is for a moment, the person is absorbed in the joy. Not to forget, humor is contagious. It triggers the joy and eliminates the stress. 

 Zelda jokes are the best way to keep your folks giggling and grinning. These days, when everything is going digital, even jokes entertain you online. Laughing at something which you have been playing since childhood makes it all the way more special. Zelda is probably one of those games that has loads of memories of many. 

Similarly, there are Halo jokes available these days. If you are a gamer, then the collection of jokes and memes provides you with the best humor you can ever imagine. You still will have memories of team members killing each other accidently and then laughing over it. At, you will find the funniest of halo jokes and one liners. 

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