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Know More About Built in Gas Hobs

In the new era, where built in cabinets and built in kitchen appliances have taken the toll replacing the old ones. Having a sophisticated and well equipped kitchen has been the latest catch for modern contemporary kitchen style. Built in gas hobs has been one of the pro kitchen appliance that best matches your kitchen style making it look more elegant. Moreover it is equipped with the latest technologies that considers several functions like safety, auto ignition and so on. Let’s learn a bit more about built in gas hobs.

  • Flame Failure Device is an additional option installed in the new built in hobs to ensure control and safety measures. This feature automatically prevents the gas leakage buy stopping the gas flow if flame extinguishes accidentally by wind or over spilling of food and liquids.
  • Burner used in these built in hobs have increased the efficiency and performance. You also get choice of selecting burners according to your needs and requirements. For e.g.; As European burners cannot satisfy the need of Indian cooking, hence Multi Flame Control (MFC) brass burners are designed to suit Indian cooking.
  • Auto ignition or electric ignition is a feature that helps in ignition of the flames directly by the gas knobs which further helps in using the energy fuel efficiently as well as prevents wastage of fuel.
  • Control knobs in the built in hobs are designed in such a way that it not only matches your kitchen décor and appliances like oven and microwave but also allows you have the right control over the flames as per your cooking needs.

So while choosing the built in gas hobs for your kitchen ensure that you get all the above features. Besides, consider the number of burners needed depending on the size of your family. Consider the style and type you choose for e.g. glass or steel and last but not the least the burners.