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Tax Free Investments Available for Frisco TX Investors

Many are familiar with Roth IRAs and traditional IRAs as types of investments that are tax free, but they are not the only tax free investments Frisco TX residents can take advantage of. Although IRAs are effective places to park your money until retirement, there are several other ways to invest that won’t cause pain at tax time. One example is an IRA alternative for the self-employed. Business owners can make larger pretax contributions to Keogh plans, and capital gains, dividends and interest the Keogh earns won’t be taxed until money is withdrawn.

Aside from retirement funds, consider investing in life insurance or death benefits. Those aretax free investments in Frisco TX that typically benefit heirs rather than the investor because, according to 24/7 Wall Street, inheritance and money from life insurance policies are completely tax free for the beneficiaries. However, there are instances when investing in a life insurance policy can save tax money for the investor, such as for business owners. If you use the policy in your business, you may get a deduction at tax time.

Municipal bonds are another investment instrument that many people may be aware of. You essentially play the part of a banker, extending a loan to the city or state you live in, earning your investment and a modest return when the bonds mature. Pay close attention to the fine print when investing in municipal bonds, though. points out that different bonds may provide tax exemption from federal but not state taxes, or vice-versa. That can mean that, depending on what type of issue you invest in, the municipal bonds you buy may only be partially tax free investments.

If the topic of tax free investments in Frisco TX seems a bit overwhelming to you, you are not alone. Many people feel like they have missed the boat on investing and finances. There is help available, however, no matter what economic level you are at, or how well-versed you are or aren’t when it comes to planning for your future. Jason Graziani is the business consultant who understands how difficult it can be to plan for the future while trying to balance your current budget. Mr. Graziani has over a decade of experience in providing essential professional advice that can get you on the road to a stable future. Call Jason Graziani today at 972-992-1920 to find out more about planning for you and your family’s future.

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