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Why should you hire a professional photographer on your wedding day?

Wedding photos are treated as the treasured memories of a wedding ceremony. Thus, one can never trivialize the significance of high quality and professional photography. Sometimes, people think that, hiring professionals would be a no-brainer. But, it’s not always true. Most of the wedding planning websites suggest, not to hire the professionals in order to save money. Probably, it’s a recipe for disaster. It would also be a matter in question if, you ask one of your friends to shoot the event. Believe in a California photographer if, you are one of the many newlywed couples. Because, you are entering a special and exciting time of your life.


Some lines that could bring disaster into your wedding photography session:

-       “One of my buddies wants to be a creative wedding photographer and he/she will provide the service for free.”

-       “My brother has a powerful and professional camera”

-       “I have got a friend who is a master in taking pictures”

Whether, you are a groom or bride, you should avoid thinking about the above ideas, if you really want to make your day incredible.


Why make the choice to go with a professional?

Hiring an expert really offers a peace of mind. At the same time, you are going with a person who is skilled and possess the artistry of making images live. The marriage ceremony is a day of commitment and considered as an emotional event. So, each and every moment is special for a couple, their friends, family and relatives. It’s a day filled with activities and special moments. An expert photographer has the ability to handle each and every situation that arises on the wedding day.


The combination of experience and expertise brings a heartfelt story:

The knowledge about, what to capture, how to capture and when to capture is something that, comes with experience and passion. Your marriage ceremony is not designed to experiment your friend’s camera. It’s a day to diffuse your stress and create precious moments. When a professional captures wedding pictures, he/she weaves a story for you around your joyful jiggles, kisses and smiles. So, it’s advisable to contact the professional expert in advance.


How far in advance?

You have so many things to organize along with the budget when you plan for your wedding day. So it’s high time to talk to a photographer sooner rather than later. Most of the in-demand expert book events at over a year out. If you are close to your date, it will be harder to choose a first-choice. Don’t panic, if you are lucky enough, you may get impromptu pictures by Monica Petrova.

However, you do not need the added stress that, your buddy is hopelessly spoiling the once in a lifetime memories. You can only stay positive and stress free, if there is a professional photographer. Even he/she can expect the unexpected shots.


Wedding day creates some great moments to treasure. When it comes to photography, your expense is worthy. At we love to capture and create stories that makes you happy throughout your life span.