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Payment Asia Helps Find the Best Solutions for Secure Online Monetary Transactions

The phenomenon of online shopping took the normal retailers by surprise; they all thought it would be a passing fad, but the profit margins for these startups was soon the envy of the retail world, and soon there were hundreds of e-retailers or electronic retailing all over the world. All that was needed a good communication system and the internet and the shopping pubic worldwide has embraced this development wholeheartedly.

E-Shopping Boom

The success and further growth of e-commerce, especially in South East Asia, was furthered by business success with India and China leading the way. Although hesitant with this new concept, e-commerce started slow, but the revolution was soon on its way, with millions of customers using these services worldwide on a daily basis. This type of e-shopping involved browsing through hundreds of web pages and catalogues, though searching for specialized items was quite easy; however, it was the thought of making online payments that did create some problems with many customers. Fortunately, pioneering e-companies like Payment Asia showed the way with safe and secure portals for all kinds of online transactions.

Hacking Threats

From humble beginnings, Hong Kong based Payment Asia started their operations in 1999, but as the phenomenon of online shopping became hot, many startup e-companies started using their service, because they provided a safe and secure gateway for their monetary transactions. One of the main reasons for their unparalleled success was that they began their service slowly and with great care, upgrading their systems to ensure that their portals were safe from hackers or other online threats. A breach of their systems could spell disaster for their clients, whose customers would be the first to abandon them if there was no security for making online payments.

Increasing Clientele

Payment Asia’s success was noticed by trade magazines which specially catered to online commerce and PaymentAsia reviews in the industry were excellent and hard to fault. This gave many of the e-merchants in South East Asia the confidence and assurance that their financial transactions as well as those of their customers were in the hands of professionals. In addition, Payment Asia systems could handle multiple facilities including supporting payments made in different currencies. They were also provided their clients with the famous Triple-DES/RSA protection, ensuring that Payment Asia remains one of the fastest growing service providers in Asia with clients numbering over 3500, at last count.

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