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Are you looking for some world latest news today? If so, you have landed at the right place here. In a recent research, it has been seen that for the first time in 3 years, adoption of children has increased with more than one thousand five hundred children getting a new homes. Many children rights activist claims that still more than fifty thousand orphan children who dream of adaptation. WCD (Women and Child Development) ministry homes to bring this process to effect in the coming years and follow strict guidelines. Well, it seems that poverty and terrorist attacks are becoming one of the hottest debates these days.


Today, at New Delhi – an Istanbul Turkish Airlines flight from Bangkok landed at the IGI Airport, due to an emergency. Security personnel entered the aircraft to check bomb scares, but no explosives were found inside it. At Washington: Floyd May weather was Monday stripped by World Boxing Organization of the welterweight world title he won by bearing Manny Pacquiao 2 month before. Last Friday, May weather failed to meet up the limit and paid $200,000 sanction fee required by the WBO after he took belt from Manny Pacquiao on 2nd May in Las Vegas in the richest fight of all time. Soon, Amateur Boxing is going to take a new turn in India. What!!! Yes, Amateur boxing might be in shambles but professional boxing is all set to get a huge leap, due to the launch of a governing body to facilitate pugilists.


For world latest news today on technology – Smartphone users get ready for communicator. Smartphone communicator handset is soon going to hit the market and will make you feel to sing. Hahaha! If you ever thought to have a communicator, then surely you going to have one within few months. This device is crafted by The Wand Company, offering 3D scans and at the same time can be connected through Bluetooth. Now from Smartphone, let’s find out new happenings in robot science. As you all know that Japan is well-known in robotics, but the United States is keeping its pace in this sector. America has already set with its full functional and loaded giant robot, but many spokespersons say that it is a secret hidden by the US intelligence department. That was today’s world latest news, hope to see you next. Have a great day and do take good care of yourself. Bye-Bye!


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