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A brief guide to DUI and DWI Defense

Is any of your friends or co-workers going through the charges of DUI (Driving under Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and are looking for absolution?

Read this brief guide and you might be able to help them armed with the right dui defense.

The charges of DUI and DWI should not be taken lightly, they can be very serious. If you or your friends are going through such charges, there may be heavy penalty to pay for it or even the driving license may get cancelled. So you must have proper knowledge or hire DWI lawyers about it to save yourself, or your dear ones from such charges.

For a person going through such charges, two things can be said with certainty about him:

1) He was driving.
2) He was not in his control.
3) To defend yourself, you will need to disprove any one of the above points.

Disproving the First Point

This point is generally hard to disprove because a person charged for DUI or DWI is almost always found driving by someone, typically a cop. But if the cop didn’t find the person driving, and instead he found him standing beside (for example), this may get debatable.

Disproving the Second Point

This is a little tricky. Disproving this point means challenging the observations made by the cops. The cops might argue about the way you were driving (speeding, reckless driving, running over a red light, etc.), how you looked (red eyes, shaky body, speech problems, etc.), your behavior, or how was your alcohol test (like reciting alphabets backwards, walking in a straight line, etc.).

You may nullify these points by explaining the reasons for these behaviors by stating that you had a severe stomach ache and were going to hospital. Or you had a bad day at office. Or you didn’t do well in your exam. You may give lack of sleep for the reason of your red eyes. You jumped the red light because you got occupied in the conversation with someone. You didn’t do well in alcohol tests due to physical impairment. You can state any reason as long as it makes sense.

You may also consider having someone as witness who was present at that time. This is a quick guide to help you understand the basic ways of disproving the charges imposed on you. For a deeper understanding, you might consider hiring a professional dui defense attorney.

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