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Learn About The End Time Prophecy from Reliable Sources

If you are in the feeling that something is missing and unfulfilled from the traditional church worship or if you are in a conflict about believing what is being preached at the modern day churches, you have come to the right place to find out the truth as in the Hebrew roots bible which is the core doctrine for all the bibles that have been translated from them. In this translation process many things are tempered and those that are believed to be the absolute sacred doctrines have been discarded as unscriptual and those that have been completely alien in the past are now being believed as absolute truth in the bible scriptures.
You can notice that the modern day Bible translations refer to God as the Lord while it is truly mentioned as YHWH the correct name for God and Y’shua as the name of his son Jesus.  So it is time for all those true believers to open their eyes and worship God under the anointed power of YHWH or the holy spirit and should understand that explicit and implicit statements of the scripture along with the inferences drawn to find out the real messages that have been passed on to us by the Holy spirit. In fact, you can check out with the online portal that have been dedicated in spreading the real message of the Hebrew roots bible and can have an understanding about Y’HoWaH, Y’HoWShuA, Satan, Mankind, Faith, Christian Sabbath keepers, Baptism and many more to know the real meaning of all these beliefs.
The online portal also discusses about the Christian Sabbath keepers and their significance as ordained by YHWH. It is also found that the Sabbath is reaffirmed as part of the ten commandments as a day that is not intended for the believers to rest from their daily activities but spend the time to build their relationship with God. You can also find discussions on why a particular day is observed as the Sabbath and how Y’HoShua expects it to be observed during the end times.
The end time prophecy signs can also be already seen like the economies of the west being collapsed or the prophetic changes in Israel, etc. By having an insight into these signs of the end time prophecy you can understand that time has come for you to prepare for the return of Messiah and protect your family or ignore the signs and simple be destroyed just as in the times of Noah and the great flood.

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