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Menstrual Cup – Why Is It Better Than Tampon?

Menstrual cup is made out of soft silicon and it is meant for wearing internally like a tampon by women during their menstrual periods. As against tampons that absorb menstrual periods, these cups, collect them. As against tampons that cannot be used again, these silicone based products can be reused for up to 15 years. This new product is available in two different sizes. Smaller size period cup is meant for women less than 30 years of age or those, who have not given a childbirth either naturally or through a C-section. While the other type is size large, which is meant for women of more than 30 years of age/those who have given birth to a child either through natural birth or through C-Section.

Holding capacity:

As against tampons that can hold lesser fluid and need to be replaced then and there, these cups can hold more fluid.


Unlike a tampon, which should be inserted into the vagina, the period cup will form a light seal with the vaginal walls, thereby permitting the menstrual fluids to pass into it without odour or leakage. This means that women need not have to replace the product then and there as in the case of period pads and tampons.

Why are they better?

These are best not only for the body and the environment, these are safe alternatives for the pay package of women as well. They are best for the body because of the following reasons:

Tampons are generally capable of absorbing 65% of menstrual fluid and 35% of natural moisture. This in turn will cause an imbalance in the pH level and moisture in the vagina. On the other hand, a menstrual cup will not interfere with the healthy vaginal environment.

This product will not deposit fibres in the walls of the genital passage and they do not contain any deodorizers or bleaching agents and so they will not cause any irritation. All these factors make them the ideal choice for women with sensitive skin, allergies, eczema or thrush issue.

The soft surface of these alternatives, permit the mucous membranes of the genital walls to continue their essential protective and cleansing functions.

It is safe for environment and budget because as against tampons and pads that should be used in huge quantities in the menstruating life of a lady, these newer alternatives can be used for up to 15 years. This means that a girl will be using only 2 or 3 cups in her menstruating period in life, which is safe for environment and for her budget as well.


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