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About Kydex Holsters - Apt to Carry Any Sidearm

Kydex holsters are renowned in the market with a wide variety of premium holsters of all sizes, styles and materials. These holsters are lightweight and readily concealed at any position to ensure comfort and smooth fast draws when required.

The high quality material with Kydex holsters ensures a strong and durable functionality to handle any type of firearms like the large heavy-framed pistols. The low friction level from high quality and weather proof materials makes it easy to draw out the pistol in any condition with complete safety and surety to avoid fumbling and mismanagement.

Custom Holsters Preferred

The progressive technologies of today have impacted the design and style of Kydex inside waistband holsters as well as Kydex outside waistband holsters which are the more popular choices of carry holsters on firearms. Advanced CNC manufacturing technology of today is able to design affordable custom made holsters that would fit the consumers’ physique and requirements.

Custom made holsters from Kydex offer a total fit for comfort in safety and shooting performances of firearms carried around by consumers. Every type of firearm, be it a revolver or semi-auto, Kydex offers a suitable carry holster that would comply with the legal stipulations as well as customer preference.

Many firearm owners like Kydex holsters for carrying sidearm weapons. The design is specifically for preventing accidental trigger manipulation or accidental dropping. Hence, an accidental discharge is very low, especially when a custom Kydex holster is worn. Firearms in Kydex custom made holsters are deemed to be safer and more secure besides a longer durability to enjoy more savings for the owner.

Choice Materials in Custom Kydex Holsters

The popular Kydex IWB holsters and Kydex OWB holsters are made from a special thermoplastic material known as composite acrylic-polyvinyl chloride. This tough holster material is produced through a stringent high quality thermoforming manufacturing process.

The holster material is rigid due to the acrylic properties that enable pliability into the preferred shapes and styles. When the Kydex holster is fashioned correctly, a faster and safer draw is possible as the holster would feel lighter.

Kydex IWB holsters are popular for being well concealed and more durable in usage and functionality with a tough stance on difficult weather conditions. Kydex OWB holsters have tough surfaces that are scratch-resistant to retain their aesthetics.

Custom Kydex holsters are possible from the best of materials and technologies available today to fit any firearm or individual with greater comfort and performance. These custom holsters are common items of request for competitive shooters in shooting competitions where they need to feel comfortable to draw their firearm quickly. A few magazines could also be accommodated for faster reloads to secure quicker shooting times for higher scores.