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The Secrets of the universe

We all know that evolution and the big bang in the universe are the processes through which all of us exist. Over the years, scientists have often searched an answer for the inevitable question of what is the purpose of life and what does it consisit of. There are various explanations to this question but there is no concrete answer. Evolution is a process which never stops. It can also be said that life on earth is still not fully evolved and it is yet to achieve its maximum potential. The origin of life on earth is still an unsolved mystery but there are many theories propogated over the years. None of the theories have been able to exactly prove the origin of life on earth.

The universe consists of everything which is space, time, stars, galaxies, sub atomic particles etc. It is assumed that our universe has 3 dimensions - space, time, gravity. Time is essentially divided into 3 parts past, present and future. The past is a record of events that have happened. The past cannot be recreated as the events may be identical to what actually happened. As time cannot be stopped, anything that happened even a moment ago is counted as past. The present is an ongoing time which is in progress. We do believe that we live in the present but it is not true. All the things we use and do are classified as the past. The books we read, the movies we see, all of them were events made in the past. It is impossible to measure the present as it is infinite. The future is all the things that are about to happen due to present. As the on going present has various factors that keep on changing, which contribute to the future a small change in the events can bring about catestrophic changes. Hence it is impossible to predict the future or the final outcome of any event that is yet to occur.

Everything above the earth’s atmosphere is categorised as space. Space is a continuous area or expanse which is available or unoccupied. Space is vaccum which essentially consists of nothing. There are no material objects in a vaccum. It can consist of air, gases, dust etc. It has always been a contorversial topic for scientist’s whether space is finite or infinite and numerous theories are formulated.

Energy, just like time and space, cannot be seen by the eyes or touched. Energy can only be transferred. From the point of view of humans, force released by energy is destructive. Everything in the universe has an expiration date. Everything is subjected to destruction. All our lives we strive to preserve the things we have built by reinforcing it and strenthening it. However hard we may try, destruction is inevitable. As the factors responsible for its existance may wither away over time or may decrease resulting in destruction. Theorists continue to believe that destruction is a human creation and nature is the creator of new life forms.

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