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Kitchen Appliance Necessities

Modular kitchen have been the latest catch over a period of time. After all a super smart equipped kitchen can work wonders when it comes to saving time and energy. These advanced kitchen appliances have turned out to be smart, simple and user friendly for their optimized utilization. Especially it is icing on the cake for bachelors like me as well as women who have to maintain the balance between the household stuff and work. These highly customized appliances help you in every way to deal with your kitchen ‘projects.’ LOL.. yes I said projects because only appliances simplify those complex kitchen issues.

Some of these smart gadgets are as follows:

  • Kitchen chimney:

Our typical Indian tadkaa makes chimney a must needed appliance to save ourselves from sneezy nose and smell like a food stuff. Chimney, as we all know works as an exhaust chamber to release smoke. Electric chimney is a modified version that sucks off odor and smoke from your kitchen. With its charcoal and grease filters it also re- introduces ventilation of air in the kitchen. Due to its smart mechanism, it is most preferable and affordable too.


  • Built in hobs:

Built in hobs are nothing but attached gas burners designed to suit every way of cooking. These give your kitchen a soothing sophisticated look. Also you don’t need to beat the shit out to find your gas lighter. Just turn the hob-on and you are all set to fix your supper.

  • Built-in ovens:

A built-in oven proves to be an add on to your beautified kitchen. Modular kitchens are designed as to avoid placing your oven down side so that you don’t have to bend in over and over. A built in oven works on its micro- wave length technology. Also they consume less energy than other appliances like OTG’s and grillers.

  • Cooktops:

The latest cooking trends and techniques has evolved in a great way over a few decades. Lots of innovation took place in cooking gadgets. Cooktops have been one of the gadget that created lot of buzz. The sleek and sophisticated designed can fit anywhere in your kitchen without getting that kitchen marble cut. Safety is taken care of while getting aesthetic technology. Stainless steel, glass body and even induction, you get lot of options to choose yours.