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Microwave Oven: The Smart Gadget

Microwave has come up as one of the smartest way of cooking. It serves like a savior when it comes to time and energy. Microwave has occupied its place just like being a kitchen member. If you are modern working women, I bet no other gadget than a microwave could be your best friend ever. But did you ever think how does it work??

Microwave uses the heat released from food molecules. Rotation of these molecules generates heat in form of kinetic energy which in turn penetrates in your food and cooks it evenly. So if you believe in the concept of solar cooking i.e. cooking by the U.V. rays. Microwave cooking is kind of similar.

The gadget has been caught up in several controversies most of the time. Though being a controversial subject the gadget has always proved itself to be the most useful one. As this smart gadget has overcome the shortcomings of several other appliances like OTC, griller, toaster, etc.

Microwave Oven is mostly underestimated for its re-heating. People think microwave limits itself to re-heating but that’s not the case you need to dig out some more. Microwave can do it all, be it, cooking, grilling, toasting or baking. If you want to bake a birthday cake for your son or grill chicken for your loved ones microwave will do it all just in matter of minutes. You have to rush for your office?? Put the mix of veggies as instructed and press a few buttons wait a while and there you are ‘Beep’ your food is ready!  It cooks by itself and simply lets you take all the credit.

Comparing the cost with other appliances microwave is a bit above the line but yes we can’t neglect the fact of its heating technology and several user friendly features. So microwave has been a must needed gadget in our day to day life. What are you waiting for? Get one for yourself, just ensure that your prefer a trusted brand because you don’t buy a microwave everyday, do you?