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Ways A DUI Attorney Can Help You in Denver

Driving under the influence is a pretty common sight these days though it is very dangerous. Through his irresponsible behavior the perpetrator is not only putting his life into jeopardy, but is also putting other people’s life at stake. Considering these unfortunate developments and increasing acts of ignorance, the DUI laws are changing and becoming stronger and stronger every day. So whether you pose any danger to public property and lives or not, you will be held guilty if you fail in the field sobriety tests and will be revoked of your driving privileges. Along with this you also have to pay a lot of penalties and even face jail time if you have repeated the same crime over and over before. However, not everybody who is convicted of drunk driving is indeed drunk at the time of the Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests. Sometimes you will be framed by the prosecution and the police for no reason to increase their conviction rates. In times like these, you need a strong DUI attorney in Denver who can protect your rights and defend your innocence in the following ways.

• Bail is the first thing you need once you are arrested for drunk driving. An experienced DUI attorney in Denver will act quickly and ensure that you are out of jail within hours or days. He/she will involve you in planning the steps to be taken further during the future proceedings of the case.

• Followed by an arraignment, you will be called for a preliminary hearing, after which there will be a plea bargain. In a plea bargain you could plead guilty and ask for lesser punishments like community service and lower penalties instead of confiscation of driver’s license and jail time. The decision to plead guilty is a very crucial step in a DUI case and an experienced DUI attorney in Denver would know what to suggest you, considering the facts and conditions of your case.

• If you are totally innocent and decide to challenge the prosecution in front of the jury, in the court, the case moves on to trial. Here, your Denver DUI attorney will defend you with aggression and confidence. His/her argument will be backed by logic and proper evidences. Your DUI attorney in Denver will use his/her influence and contacts to falsify the test results and prove that there is no probable cause whatsoever to hold you guilty.


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