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Living minimum wage problems explained thoroughly in a book by Steve Baba

05, March 2015: Minimum wage law was mainly launched for the protection of the employees but it has had some adverse impact on the employers. Some researchers say that in-turn minimum wage law has increased unemployment rate and wastage. Steve Baba has launched his new book named “Ten Unavoidable Problems with a "Living" Minimum Wage” where he speaks about the increase in labour costs, unemployment, discrimination against disadvantaged and much more. The writer has used some real life examples that show that instead of benefiting the employees the minimum wage law has hurt most of the people. 

To know more about the contents of the book readers can go to Here the readers can find introduction of sample chapters that would help them understand what they would find in the book. The site freevocabulary displays a debate between an economist and an activist regarding the minimum wage law. It helps the people in understanding what they would find in the book and what the writer focuses on in different chapters. It is highly important for the people in the corporate world to read about this and get over the confusion related to unemployment and wage rate law. Minimum wage laws have led to discrimination for people involved in low wage work. The main problem arises from here and one can only understand the reality when he gets to read all the essential facts involved in this law. 

There are some disadvantaged workers that are not as strong and experienced and this law prevents them from getting good jobs. The book speaks about the 2014 minimum wage act of 2014. According to the 2014 act many activist have said that it is important to have cartel but forming a cartel would not help everyone because the cartel workers are more experienced and it affects the newcomers. 

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