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Gorgeous House of Troy Lighting For Your Home

Lights have always been the topmost necessity of every home. They not only provide light all around them, but they are also a great source of decoration. A number of different light fixtures are available nowadays. Gone are the days when the light is only limited to tube lights or bulb. Now is the time for wonderful looking chandeliers, amazing wall sconces, beautiful table lamps and many more. This is a very small list. Today, you can find a number of designs in lighting fixtures that can make your home look beautiful and elegant.

House of Troy is one of the best manufacturers of light fixtures. All the crafts are designed with great dedication and commitment.
Here is the list of some of the famous crafts from the House of Troy.

• Cabinet Lighting

There are a number of cabinet lighting available in different sizes and shapes. The bulb is included in most of the cabinet lighting.

• Direct Wire Picture Lights

These lights are also becoming common these days. These lights are used on the top of the pictures in order to give a clear visibility to them. The direct wire picture lights are extended with a stationary arm. A back plate is there to support the light and is attached to the wall. These lights are normally 12-16 inches wide in size.

• Battery Operated Picture Lights

There are different picture lights available which are classic and modern in shape as well. Slim picture lights are also available. The main advantage of these picture lights is that these are operated with battery and there is no need of any electricity in order to use this.

• Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are also one of the great choices of lamps among people. These come in different heights and you can choose it according to the space you have in your home.

• LED Picture Lights

These are also one of the modern lights available nowadays. LED is the main source of light in these and is the major advantage of using these lights. These are quite long lasting as well due to the LEDs in it.

• Wall Swing Lamps

These lamps can also be a great piece of decoration for your home. These lamps can be attached anywhere on the walls. Different sizes and shapes are available in these lights.

• Task & Specialty Lamps

These are special lamps that are mostly placed on a table. The light from these lamps is also limited to a small area.

• Wall Sconces

These are also one of the beautiful light fixtures available for your home. The wall sconces are also attached to the walls with the help of a metal rod. These can be attached anywhere on the wall, but not at a much height from the floor and it mostly depends on the place where they are going to be attached.

• Grand Piano Clamp Lamps

These lamps are smaller in size and mainly attached to the top of the piano. It gives a very bright light on the piano. If you are a piano lover and want to play it anytime, then this lamp is just perfect for you.

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