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Attraction between men and women is eternal truth of human life. We have found that from the very beginning of human life men and women were attracted with each other. It is founded that cave aged human also had life partners. The males had owned many female partners. Before civilization or after civilization, the picture has not changed. Always we get attracted with opposite gender. We cannot ignore this attraction, because it is a basic instinct of men and women. Both of them need each other to fulfil their biological demand. By this biological need human life circle is going on.

We have seen that, from childhood a male child being attracted to his mother and oppositely a female child to her father. Male children love his mother and father both but mostly he likes and share everything to his mother and female children love his mother and father both but mostly he likes and share everything to his father. This a true fact applies in all over the world. It is story of attraction to opposite gender. This relationship and love will make a bonding to stay together.

In childhood male and female children were mostly unknown of genders and could not differentiate between a boy& girl. So they become friends and play together. That time they only know that their father is a male and mother is a female. By the time, when male & female children grown up and the puberty period comes, they get attract more to opposite gender out of their father & mother and family. This puberty period comes into a boy in the age of 13 to14 years naturally and into a girl in the age of 11 to 12 years. In these ages they get aware of reverse gender and also try to know the difference of physical structure and organs between a boy and girl. Usually from that age they get and try to attract to opposite partner. So, this period plays a very important role in humans’ life. In higher schools teenage boys and girls become choosy to make friends. By their style of look, dresses they try to attract partner and want to be close to anyone and make him or her special friend. Then they become careful to this special friend. Yes, it is the beginning of love and care for converse person.

After this teenage period, boys and girls become mature. With this maturity, the hormonal circulations and activities also changed in human body. This change creates biological needs to human body. So, male and female person feels and get eager to fulfil their organic requirements. Then they feel the need of a partner to be engaged with them physically. For this reason men and women choose and try to make relationship with each other. They get loved with each other and mostly go for permanent relationship through marriage. But there is so many people who cannot get perfect partner in life due to personal and social problems. To fulfil their demand they go for online shops providing satisfactory items for men and women. If you are seeking for best shops providing toys for matured person you must search them on internet.

About Me: Angela Willkinson is the author who is the supplier of different types of Glass Sex Toys and Sex Toys for Male as per client’s requirements.