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The magic of friends in love

When you are in a relationship for many years and suddenly one of you moves on or wishes to stop the relation with a closure, the heart sinks. After many years you look through the memory lane and you smile through the pain. Your mind's eye runs to all those places you have been together, all your times spent as one good or bad leaps into your mind. If you just remember those moments, the blankness of your heart is filled with moments of joy. Everything distant from you seems very close to your heart and you don’t want to escape that emotion. The heart gets an overwhelming shower but you don’t get wet with its showers but you get water in your eyes, and the value of that tear drop is inexplicable. 


We spend our lives in colorful fantasies and not realizing the value of the person who just stands by you at every moment of time. The one who accepts you for what you are for self and not for what you are pretending to the world. The one who could always say to your ears no matter what you do in life that he or she is "gladurmine". The one never lets you stop and make you always flow like the river, even if you don’t happen to meet yourself and the person is not angry with himself that is the one great person in your life. The fact is that you got a real gem in your life. Instead of sulking for rest of your lives and crying on that shoulder without any reason. It is time for you to take a stand if the other is unable to speak to you with clarity and say that we are engaged now


The one who never judges you and protects you from future heartbreak is the person who is supposed to be loved forever.  There is one that person who lets you dream to your passions even if you lose and break some of your dreams. Whether you have made a devil out of yourself, the person still feels that there is a scope of improvement in you. It is the time for you to take stand and hold the hands of the that person and shout to the world he is my partner. It is going to be the greatest feeling of your life to reconsider every thought in your life and put your best foot in this relationship.