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Wear jewelry may cause hazards

Generally speaking, pure silver or Tiffany Outlet jewelry stable, low probability of occurrence of allergic skin, but jewelry after contact to people with allergies, dermatitis due to a stimulus is often easy. Its symptoms were wearing necklaces, rings and other jewelry, skin itching, burning, redness, peeling or generalized urticaria. Therefore, the selections of jewelry, you should first figure out if your skin has allergic reaction, avoid wearing gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating and other most likely to cause dermatitis in jewelry.

Ring syndrome

People often over day and night to ring on the hand so that fingers will go numb and acid swollen, pain, and ring clamps tight skin, muscle, bone, sunken in a ring on the finger deformities, easily lead to deformation of fingers, if not promptly took off Cheap Oakleys, also affects the blood circulation, even partial necrosis. Also have a ring on the hand of the long-term wear, underneath the skin is hard to clean, so breeding of bacteria and viruses multiply, pathogenic microorganisms are contagious. So, avoid long wearing the ring not picked.

Earrings syndrome

Random people in the street pierced ears, not very sanitary. Pierced ear tools sterilized clean, you may be infected with tetanus and other diseases. After some people get the ears pierced into wire or bamboo sticks, on the other hand, Tiffany and Co Outlet has not only hindered the ear aqueous humor in healing and infection spread, or even cause ear cartilage inflammation. Recommend you wear ear eye, should the regular salons or hospitals to do so. In addition, you should also avoid summer, sweating, a little attention to protect, and prone to inflammation of the skin around your eyes. Also, if premature wear earrings, earrings and rubbing of the skin, which can lead to skin ulcers.

Jewelry containing radioactive elements

New York City quarantine authority for thousands of pieces of gold jewelry for one test, results found that more than 70 pieces of jewelry containing radioactive elements. Some radioactive elements, such as cobalt, radium and polonium, and gold living people in the process of mining, smelting and production of gold jewelry, it is inevitable that few radioactive elements and mixed. When wearing the gold jewelry that contains a radioactive element, that come in contact with the skin for long periods of exposure to radiation, and cause radioactive Cheap Oakleys jewelry and serious for radiation-induced cancer.