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Microwave oven: Save time while saving on petroleum

You have pizza party, cookers, grills, pans and OTGs. But the sad thing is that these appliances do not come with the advantage of providing complete solutions for uniform cooking. We shall briefly look at the several shortcomings posed by the above mentioned materials when it comes to using them beyond their prescribed capacity.               

Cooker: This was made to cook only in the presence of water. The material that makes the vessel is not suited for cooking under dry conditions i.e. if you place a pan of batter inside the vessel and cover it for twenty-odd minutes and expect to find cake inside on reopening it later, then you should, no, you must, out an end to your illusions now, or else...

Grill:A grill can only “grill”, duh. Not bake a cake.

Pan: If you have ever tried to make a pan pizza, then you must have experienced a disaster of sorts, not because of the bottom of the base that you burnt in your haste to produce a well-cooked version emulating Pizza Hut’s product, but because you must have realized that no matter how much you put it there, the top of it will never get heated enough, let alone the cooking part.

OTG: Abbreviation for oven, toaster, griller. Although it resembles a microwave oven, it differs from the latter in its working principle and the depth to which heat can penetrate the food substance and cook it accordingly. It uses a coil that converts the incoming electrical energy into heat and cooks by “convection”, a scientific term coined for the phenomenon of transfer of heat by air as a medium.

A microwave oven, on the other hand, overcomes the shortcomings posed by the above media by using microwaves as the heating medium. Microwaves have a tendency to polarize the molecules in the food substance and make them align parallel to each other by forming electric dipoles. The alternating nature of the waves reverses the direction of the net dipole moment of the molecules accordingly, thus putting the molecules into a spin. The mutual rotation between the adjacent molecules causes them to generate a net kinetic energy in the form of heat. And this heat is what causes the pizza base inside to get cooked from all sides evenly.

The stuff has been a topic of controversy for its use of microwaves as a cooking medium rather than the application of the conventional heat in its various forms. If you are not one of those who like to give in to controversies that (shockingly) state that they cause cancer, then it is the thing for you.

Cost-wise, they are a bit more on the upper side than OTGs and stuff, owing to the technology that goes into making them into what they are. Just be assured with the brand before you go for one because this is serious stuff you are dealing with. We don’t want another Hiroshima and Nagasaki episode now, do we?