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DWI In Point Pleasant, NJ: What To Expect From Your DWI Lawyer

There are only two possible outcomes to every Driving while intoxicated (DWI) case, guilty or not guilty; but there are an ample number of opportunities to turn the outcome to your favor, only if the right steps are taken during the course of your case and only if the right decisions are made. Choosing an experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable Point Pleasant DWI lawyer is one of those right decisions you will make if you want a clean criminal history and overcome the challenges against you. Life in Point Pleasant can be very distressing if you are convicted of a DWI offense as your driving privileges will be taken away and your driving license confiscated. You will be denied by auto insurance or might have to pay huge amounts of premium to get it done. Even your personal and professional life will take a huge blow from these events and above all, your peace of mind and perceptions about law will change forever leaving you in a state of fear and confusion. Having a DWI lawyer in Point Pleasant by your side will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. Here is a list of things your DWI lawyer could do to help you.

• It is always advised that you contact your DWI lawyer in Point Pleasant as soon as you are charged with a DWI offense or arrested right on the spot. Your lawyer’s job officially starts from here and the first thing he/she would ask you to do is to keep quiet and not give out any statements which could be turned against you in the future by the prosecution. The lawyer will also suggest you whether to cooperate or refuse a breath test as every action you take during your first encounter will have its own consequences.

• Though the police officers claim to have a probable cause against you, you can still avail a boil and having a DWI Point Pleasant lawyer by your side will make this a lot easier. It is normally seen that the prosecutors play all kinds of cheap tricks against you and try to lower your confidence to influence surrender and increase their conviction rates. Being alone in these situations will only increase your confusions and troubles, and one wrong decision can leave a major dent in your entire DWI case.

• Preliminary hearings are conducted in the presence of the jury and the prosecution will present all the evidences against you collected during the time of the arrest. Your DWI lawyer can be your greatest asset in this stage of your DWI case as only an experienced lawyer would know the rules and regulations to be followed during breath, blood and chemical tests and their credibility. In a lot of instances and a lot of cases in Point Pleasant, the breath tests are proven to be faulty and your lawyer would know about this more than you. Your lawyer will offer you the strongest defense and try his/her best to prove that there’s no probable cause against you whatsoever and get your case dismissed then and there.

• Suppose your chances of winning the case are very thin despite your lawyer’s aggressive and competent defense, your DWI lawyer can still help you with your plea bargain and can help you avoid jail with an alternative such as fine, public service, etc. This wouldn’t be possible by you alone as plea bargains greatly depend on your lawyer’s reputation among the prosecutors and the juries.

To conclude, not having a DWI lawyer in Point Pleasant to defend you when you need them the most is simply a hasty and terrible decision to take that is definitely not worth the risk.


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