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Each human being is unique in nature, habit, character and behavior. Many of them bear almost the same mentality, but at some point they may have a different characteristic. Inside the brain everybody bears a dream, some fantasies or some uncanny situations which cannot be imagined by another individual. Some physical or better to say erotic behaviors which are found with many people are also known as fetish related to body. Actually the physical arousing due to some body parts not related to the common physical relationship parts is the adulterous fetish.

The individuals who have these behaviors bear a thought in their inner core that these are abnormal behaviors which if gets disclosed to anybody will be a matter of shame and embarrassing. The actions or processes which are not in common practice are termed in our society as abnormal. But these behaviors are not at all abnormal, but a form of mental situation which has been developed for years for a various reasons. The reasons may be due to excitement, fear, curiosity and types of other powerful emotions or incidents which remained inside the core of the mind for years. The strong emotions in the childhood days were dominant till the body is capable of getting the physical excitements. The subconscious mind remembers the feelings and at the time of physical relations with the partners, this form of naturally abnormal behavior gets an erotic thrust.

The various types of fetishes cannot be listed. This is because many of the fetishes remain under the deep of the mind of an individual. As they feel ashamed of disclosing these behaviors or mental stages to anyone, not even their partners. The fear of being embarrassed and rejected by their partners is the main cause of not disclosing these topics. It is also facts that still we the so called civilized individuals cannot take any uncanny behavior normally and make them feel guilty.  Some of the forms of adult and erotic fetishes are:

Looking a couple of having physical intimacy, feeling erotic excitement at giving pain to partner, excitement with armpit hairs or genital hairs, foot fetish or to play with foot to get physical stimulation, exposing her/him to a physician or doctor and many more of such kinds.

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