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Basics of Basement Construction That You Must Know

Basement construction requires a thorough understanding and plenty of planning about the ways the whole process should be undertaken. This task of basement construction must be entrusted to experts only, so that catastrophic consequences can be avoided. Basement construction specialists take into consideration the following aspects stated in this article, before undertaking any task:

Leveling Basement Floor:

Leveling the basement floor is one of the primary tasks of the specialists. They ensure proper drainage facility and steep up the initial flooring while leveling the flooring base. Experts at times lay wooden floor on top. They identify steepest point of uneven floor and mark heights on sidewalls. Basement construction specialists are well aware of the amount of wood required to level up the floor.

The floor can be leveled by overlying it with something concrete. This offers an easier and faster solution than wood. Adequate draining facilities are offered in whatever methods are used for leveling floor.

Waterproofing the Basement:

Waterproofing the basement and foundation is very essential. Basement construction specialists use about 75mm to 100mm concrete on the basement floor during the leveling course. Bitumen-based primer is applied with brush paint with about 0.24 to 0.30 /sq m. The layer is then covered with flat brick flooring. Self-adhesive bitumen primer is used for waterproofing walls.

Heating and Cooling not Required:

As per the basic general rule, basements do not require heating and cooling. This however does not rule out the necessity of ventilation there. Basements that come with walkouts, have cooling and heating for it is not difficult for elements to get inside.


Basement construction specialists place ducts near walls and when HVAC setup is arranged, air ducts are installed in the interior walls, quite far from the supply ducts. Air ducts play important role in maintaining ventilation in the basement areas.

Benefits of Basement Construction:

You can enjoy many benefits with basements. You can get a higher floor area ratio, when your basement is constructed and the space gets utilized to its max. Basement constructions are one of the best and cheapest ways to increase resale value of your house. So, it is important that you stay in touch with experienced and qualified basement construction specialists to construct your basement well.

Basement is a spare area in your house that can be used for holding parties and family gatherings. A multi-spacious area can be used for different purposes. Your basement areas can be transformed into library, office space or used strictly for family purposes.

Basement offers a cooler temperature, which can be of huge respite during the long summer months.

If you want to boost your family income, you can use the free space for residential or commercial purposes as well. So, to make the most of the benefits that come with basements, you need to spend time to look for qualified basement construction specialists, who shall design a carefully planned basement that will surely pay-off in the long run.