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An appliance designed to prevent the spread of smoke and cooking odour in the kitchen

Your kitchen is a place where odours, flavours and tastes mingle together with the family tradition of cooking and the pleasure of spending time together. Modernity has turned the kitchen into a place rich with significance – the centre of household affection and family ties. Kitchen is the place, where you dine, entertain and spend quality time with your family. Kitchen has its own identity and personality, and the centre of kitchen is the kitchen chimney, working to remove unwanted odours and improving the quality of air you and your loved ones breathe in.

Ordinary exhaust fans are no match to the modern electric chimney. The exhaust fan throws the air out; only after it has spread in the entire kitchen and is not even able to provide an effective air replacement. A chimney is a great way to enhance the beauty of a kitchen and the best way to keep your kitchen clean. It helps in getting rid of all oil soot and dirt which may spoil your kitchen walls, bottles and other things left on the counter. An electric chimney is an electrical appliance designed to prevent the spread of smoke and cooking odour in the kitchen. It consists of blowers which take the smoke straight from the pan and throw it out of the kitchen through a duct. It can be a boon, sucking out stale air, removing fumes and air-borne grease particles, leaving the kitchen fresh and odor free

Kitchen chimneys can be installed in Recycling mode or Ducting mode. In recycling mode, Charcoal filters are installed in the Kitchenhood which purifies all the cooking fumes, grease and odors. Charcoal filters should be changed every 2-3 months depending on usage. In ducting mode the ducting pipe is connected to the outlet of the kitchenhood. All the cooking fumes, grease and odors are exhausted out of the kitchen. In ducting mode there is no recurring cost as charcoal filters are not required.

Electric chimneys of today are modern and stylish. If you are cooking on your built-in hobs, then you certainly need a chimney. Quite simply, anyone who actually uses hobs and doesn’t use microwave cooking surely needs a chimney. But before you buy, it’s better to arm yourself with detailed knowledge regarding the types of kitchen chimneys available in the market and their unique properties. Chimneys today add style and elegance apart from providing safety to your kitchen. They are becoming a trend. Nevertheless, people install chimneys according to their needs and design choices.

Electric chimneys are designer chimneys that are used to add a perfect design element to your kitchen. Attached to the ceiling with pipes, they have higher suction capacity and are ideal for Indian homes with built-in hobs. For heavy cooking such as deep-frying and use of spices, go for suction above 400 cubic meter per hour.

Elica, the world's no.1 in Kitchen Chimneys is now in India. It offers a wide range of kitchenhoods to suit individual requirements. All Elica electric chimneys are equipped with world class technologies and add a touch of modernity and beauty to your kitchen.


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