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Brilliant But Cancelled: The Clerks Cartoon.

Who is driving?!?!!? BEAR is driving. Sorry. You had to be there. A lot of people weren’t. ABC wasn’t, for that matter. What a great way to start a Saturday Morning Cartoon series about an Indy Film that was shot at a future auteur’s place of business in black and white at night to create the illusion that it was actually taking place during the day. An indy film, that bombed on several independent playhouses until the number “37” followed by the question “In a row?” caught a Miramax executive completely off-guard and laughing into a state of delirium. So what does Miramax do? They skip the sitcom and make a Saturday morning cartoon for children based off a Rated R comedy that no one even heard of. This has bad idea written all over it. Not only did the show only air for 2 episodes before ABC pulled the plug, but they aired the shows completely out of order. Not only do you present characters off a movie that wasn’t for children—to children but you present them in a manner that guarantees no one will get it.

                But how was the overall quality of the show? Brilliant. Jay and Silent Bob basically stole the show with all their antics. And the pop-culture references were everywhere. From Morpheus trying to tell Dante about The Matrix while helping him get over his cheating girlfriend, Charles Barkley randomly showing up standing next to Yoda and getting shunned all the way to the stellar voice acting of Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, and even Alec Baldwin, the show was absolutely amazing and still gets occasional showings on Comedy Central and Adult Swim—in their entirety. Though it only went for 6 episodes, the DVD release of the cartoon sold very well. Given the short lifespan Dante, Randall, Jay and Silent Bob found themselves among the list of cartoon characters of the most underrated qualities. My favorite moment of this animation was one of the last episodes where the “shows animators were replaced by cheap Japanese animators.” The immortal words, “Who is driving??? BEAR is driving!” will live forever among the list of cartoon characters that were put out to pasture way before their time. Clerks: The Animated Series may very well top the list of cartoon characters that never got their chance to shine.

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