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2012 Changes to My-Videogames: Promises and Challenges.

2012 is slated to be a year that may see some changes in the field, but these changes don’t come with challenges. And if these challenges don’t succeed both Sony and Nintendo are going to take some major hits. At the same time, revivals of old franchises promising new lusters to nostalgias. It’s all going to be a matter of the market, the value of the games and hardware and most importantly, if the games and hardware are actually going to be accessible and fun. 

                The Sony Vita was recently released to Japan to rave reviews. Albeit a different demographic than the traditional Western audience, the Famitsu dudes chalked this baby up as the most powerful handheld system of all time. After an amazing opening, the Vita suffered the same fate as several other consoles--including the PSP-- that came with bad timing, no software upon launch. Sales dropped rapidly after a weeks upon launch. And with only a new “Wipeout” game and an “Uncharted” game as the only projected hits upon the American Launch, Drake’s going to have a lot of work cut out for him especially for a $250 device. But with a little time you never know what could come. The Playstation One wasn’t a hot sell until after a few years when Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII changed the way we think and feel about video games. But with an extremely expensive handheld system, consumers are only going to be able to afford just a few games at a time, how does that sound in a generation where people can download games on their iPhones for significantly less, in some cases free, and hold 200+ games right in their own pocket?

                The next big release will be the new Wii-U. Promising a robust control that can be doubled as its own screen alongside the ability to use the 3DS as a controller to mess around with, will these new editions be able to match that innovativeness that the original Wii brought out? And that same question applies to the software titles.

                The most anticipated games of 2012 are expected to be “Mass Effect 3”, “Halo 4”, “Borderlands 2” and “Diablo III”.  That’s a sizeable amount of sequels to franchises, some of which have been in long demand like a certain Guns and Roses album and “Duke Nukem Forever”. The problem is, can classic franchises like Halo and Diable re-kindle the old nostalgic flames while adding some new dimensions that reinvent the game to keep up with the next-gen standards? Because Chinese Democracy and “Duke Nukem Forever” failed to do neither, all we can do is hope.

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