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Make sure it’s the real deal.

How much do you spend on prescription medications in a year? How does it make you feel that most of the time no one, not your doctor nor your pharmacist would be able to confidently say how much some drugs would cost the following day? What is your impression of the campaigns by some drug stores and chain stores to have their own prescription drugs discount systems, cards and rewards points? Are you, just like most Americans, completely puzzled and perplexed when it comes to figuring out the questions of what insurance covers and what it doesn’t cover when it comes to medications? If these questions just made your blood pressure go up, you are in good company – most people in this country are not amused when thinking about the soaring prescription prices and the maze of figuring out what will happen next and what it would cost you. Luckily, now there is an innovative solution of pharmacy discount cards, which, if used correctly and managed honestly, has the potential of resolving the prescription medications crisis once and for all.

What are the pharmacy discount cards?

You may have seen these cards before. Some of them offer discounts only in a particular store, which is rather unpleasant. Others serve as pushy marketing mechanisms to get you to buy the drugs made by a particular manufacturer, which is usually quite annoying. Yet there is now a new group of pharmacy discount cards making an entrance – truly national and universal cards that are not sponsored by any particular chain store or pharmaceutical conglomerate. These cards are a welcome change that many consumers are eager to try – and yet there are a few important points to remember when considering these pharmacy discount cards.

What should a good pharmacy discount card involve?

When it comes to this phenomenon of nationally recognized and accepted pharmacy discount cards, one cannot be too careful in order to avoid the potential pitfalls. Pitfall number one – having to pay for the card. If the card is supposed to help you save on your prescription medications, what is the point of paying for it? Pitfall number two – having to go through a screening process that involves providing personal, financial and health-related information in order to receive the card. If that is the case with the card you are looking into, please consider that there are options available that do not require a registration or application process at all. Pitfall number three – you cannot really use the card anywhere. Before opting for a particular card, ensure that it will be accepted at your local pharmacy. Having to change pharmacies in order to satisfy the requirements of a discount card is definitely not a good idea.

If all the hurdles were passed

If the pharmacy discount card you are researching has passed all of these tests – enjoy. You are likely to receive pleasantly surprising discounts on the medications that you require. Chances are, you may even be able to check for pricing information online. Importantly – if you have any questions, be sure to ask them. Information is the key to success.


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