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Millions of people in the United States alone have a dependency on either drugs or alcohol. These addictions can tear apart families, leave individuals homeless, and eventually may even result in the death of the substance abuser. Alcohol is the most common form of substance abuse in the United States and addiction is the number one health problem in the United States. While addiction may seem like an unpleasant topic, we are, however, lucky that addiction is treatable. It is not an incurable disease in the sense of cancer, but it is a lifelong battle. Addiction rehab is the best place to start your journey back to the path of sobriety.

What is it?

Addiction is a highly complex brain disorder, which creates compulsive habits that generally lead to harmful consequences. Addiction can often be coupled with a physical dependency on a substance like alcohol or drugs. When an individual uses drugs or alcohol dopamine is released in their brain. Dopamine gives us a good feeling and is linked to a feeling of pleasure. Many users of drugs or alcohol are trying to find a way of replicating this feeling, and by drinking vast quantities of alcohol or using drugs they are able to do this. Addiction likely won’t take place the first time you use alcohol or drugs, but as it becomes a habit your body begins to rely on it, creating an addiction. For some it can take a decade to become addicted, and for others it can be a few short months. The amount of time it takes will vary a lot as addiction is genetically dependent and affects everyone differently. Identifying that this may be an issue for you or a loved one will be extremely hard emotionally, but getting the proper help with some sort of addiction rehab will be life changing.

Is there a cure?

Unfortunately addiction is a dependency and a chronic long term condition that requires a lifestyle change for there to be any sort of solution. There are many different methodologies when it comes to addiction rehab and finding the path that is best for you, or the person you are trying to help, will take time.  It may take time to find the program or facility that is right for you but there are two things you and your loved ones should know when researching what may help:

1)    Your addiction rehab program should include a long term plan that continues to support you well after you have been clean for a number of months
2)    Your loved ones and even you may not fully understand why substance abuse is such an addictive and destructive behavior, and that is okay.

Recovery is a long road and it takes a lot of support from the people around you as well as the willingness to work at it. By sharing our awareness, and not looking down on people that suffer from these dependencies, we are doing our part in helping individuals get the addiction rehab they so desperately need.


Addiction rehab can be scary and a stressful step for an addict to take. If you would like more information on rehab, treatment programs or anything else, visit us online at today. To know what alcoholism is, you may also visit