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Sober Living Apartments Provide Affordable, Supportive Communities for Recovering Addicts

After leaving an addiction treatment center some recovering addicts may need additional support. Most recovering addicts, if they are going to relapse, will do so within six months of release from a treatment program. Sober living apartments can form a transitional period that can help people get back on their feet.

Sober living apartments are housing arrangements that has been set up as a community for recovering addicts.  They can provide affordable and supportive environments to ease individuals who are recovering from addiction back into normal life.

Most sober living apartments are run as privately owned businesses. There are some non-profit facilities, but these are rare. Just like any businesses, quality will range, but these facilities do have to meet safety and management standards that they need to follow to maintain membership in a sober living facility coalition. This ensures a minimum quality within these facilities.

There are rules residents will need to follow

While there is more freedom in a sober living apartment than in an addiction treatment facility, there are still guidelines that residents will need to follow.The most important thing to know about sober living apartments is that they are completely drug free. There is a zero tolerance policy for the use of drugs while living in these apartments. There may be other rules that residents are required to follow, such as no tolerance for violence, threats of violence, theft, sexual relationships between residents, unexcused absences from the premises, or a violation of the established curfew.

Sober living apartments are a community

In sober living apartments, people are usually expected to share their living space with at least one other person of the same sex. Some residences have bunk beds and are set up to house multiple people. This communal set up is to foster cooperation and build friendships between the residents. This support that is created through these interactions is extremely helpful in preventing relapse. Residents are also expected to come together to keep their space maintained and share the household chores, laundry, and cooking.

Qualities of a good sober living apartment

To determine if the sober living apartment is of a good quality, keep the following things in mind:

•    Verify  that the sober living apartments are certified by the proper authority
•    Ensure that the premises are clean and maintained to proper standards.
•    There should be a clear rental agreement, indicating rent, house rules, and chore schedules.
•    You could even ask to have former residents speak with you about what it was like living there.

If you are diligent and take precautions, you should find a good quality sober living apartment to help you through the first few months of sobriety.

There are many affordable options for people who are looking for a spot in a sober living house. Sober living apartments have a very high success rate with helping recovering addicts stay drug free.

They can provide the support and motivation to help residents stay clean and provide the path to an independent life to get people back on their feet and reengaged in the world in a healthy way.


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