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Built-in Kitchen hobs –for smart Indian kitchens

Since the discovery of fire, we have emerged as a species that has differentiated itself in terms of food habits and also through a unique process– cooking.It was the goodness of taste and flavour that cooking brought with it becomingan inseparable part of our living, and food was never the same again.The initial times saw us cooking food in a very primitive way.All we needed was fire and not even a utensil for cooking, but as times changed, so did our cookingprocesses.


The initial Indian cooking arrangements included basic assets like the sigri or the chulah, which were fuelled by bio-fuels and spelled inconvenience and health hazards for the cook, as well as the people nearby.These are the traditional Indian cooking appliances that are still being used in the rural parts of the country and also at some more developed places, just for the fun of enjoying traditionally cooked meals. Then came into existence, the more developed, energy and time efficient substitutes in the form of LPG gas stoves – that later evolved into multiple-burner cooking sets or kitchen hobs and induction chulahs.


Keeping pace with the speedy urban life and meeting the diverse food demands of a family, the built-in hobs have become an integral part of every modern kitchen. They have been a revolution for the urban kitchens, as meals take much lesser preparation time, with the luxury to cook on 1-4 burners or even more, simultaneously. They are not just an efficient and quicker way to cook, but with modern designs and looks, they also adda touch of class and sophistication to the kitchen and your lives.Now, no matter how big the dinner wish list is, everything could be ready just in time. With built-in hobs having multiple burners,let the dal boil in a cooker, while the rice is steamed on the second burner, you have the liberty to sauté the masala for ShahiPaneer on the third, keeping an eye on the phulkas as they get puffed to perfection on the fourth burner.


Making cooking easy and fun, built-in kitchen hobs are a must have for every kitchen.Available in a stylish and efficient range, they are just the cooking assistants you need to make your kitchen the most fun and modern part of your home.Providing a wide range of options, they come with a classy glass / stainless steelfinish, with the choice of burners – European or MFC Brass.Keeping in mind, the Indian cooking requirements, the MFC Brass burners were introduced to cater to the specific preparation needs of the perfect Indian meal.One could alsoopt for the optional FFD (Flame Failure Device)for added safety.Also, they are highly energy efficient and easy to maintain.


Pick one from theextensive range of kitchen hobstoturn your kitchen in to a smart & stylish place, and flaunt your cooking expertise for added compliments.


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