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When Business embraces Technology

A yearning for the new

Born and raised in the beautiful town of Sana’a, which also happens to be the capital of Yemen, I was always eager to be in the-know of the latest things. Whether it was the latest gadget or the newest invention, I made it my priority. The latest car or electronic device did not enter the market without me finding out, or at least making a point of finding out about it. It was a nuisance to my brothers, who thought I was being too westernized, but the truth was, the world was changing and if I didn’t change with it, I would miss out on a lot of opportunities.

So when my beloved father bought his first desktop, I was keen to learn all the nooks and cronies pertaining to it. I was enthusiastic about learning all about how the computer worked because truth-be-told, the world was turning into a global village where distance was no longer a hindrance to communication as well as business ventures.

Ever since I was a young man, growing up, I always aspired to be a businessman. Watching my father carry out various business transactions that amounted to great profits always made me want to play a role not only in the world of business but also incorporate technology in my business. However, I wanted it to be fully versed in the world of information. I realized that I needed to pursue a degree in business to help me better cope with the changes that are occurring in the world. This was because, unlike my father, I wanted to be an international businessman. I needed to understand how business was addressed beyond the streets of Sana’a as well as beyond the Asian world.

Journey towards a vision

With my General Secondary Education Certificate known also as 'Al Thanawiya', I had the chance to pursue this dream. I found a local university that offered Bachelor degree in Business Information System Management. This sounded like exactly what I needed. It had the right combination of business with a bit of Information Technology (I.T).
In order to be the best, I believe that you need to be trained by the best. With a dub of determination and discipline I knew that I could achieve almost anything I set my eyes on. This was my motto as I embarked on my undergraduate degree at the university.

Technology galore

It was in my very first class that I realized the key role of technology.


The lectures were held in a hall with the lessons projected onto a screen at the front with the help of a laptop and a projector. Needless to say, I was excited by this new experience. I was used to having a teacher drawing illustrations on a board to explain a concept but this new strategy of studying was proving to be, so to speak, outside the box. All the students stared onto the screen as the lecturer scrolled slide after slide with well depicted illustrations making the learning experience really practical. Things I had previously tried to do with my father’s desktop computer now made sense in these computer classes.


When it came to assignments or projects, we were expected to research and submit them online. Technology was seemingly an integral part of my campus education. I did not even have to speak copious amounts of time going through enormous books in order to research for the assignments or projects given. The numerous search engines online provided ample information on the topics assigned.

Life beyond the university walls

Now as a successful financial advisor in an international firm, I have come to appreciate all the skills I acquired at the university. The practical education has enabled me to take up roles in the international business realm that I wouldn’t have previously been able to handle. I am proud to say that I was trained well.

I would like to also urge more universities and colleges in Yemen to take up technology as a way of life, especially for the sake of their students. They are in dire need of practical education to help cope and be actively and successfully involved in the current affairs in the world at large.


Mohammed Al Muhtadi is the author of this article on IT & Computer Sciences . Find more information, about Technological Sciences here