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An Explanation of the Drug Discount Card

A drug discount card is often mistaken as a savings card reserved only for the low income population.  While they can defiantly benefit from this type of service, this card is not for any particular group of people, it is for anybody who needs it.  A drug discount card is the alternative to paying full price for prescription medications.  It is a way to save money on medications you are already taking, allowing more money to remain in your pocket for other expenses you may have.

So what is this card?

A drug discount card is a non-membership card that can be acquired by anybody who needs it.  It is easily obtained online and requires no personal information exchange. It can be used as fast as it can be printed.  Once obtained, cardholders can go to their pharmacists to receive substantial discounts on their prescription medication.  It is not part of a medical insurance plan so it will not count against any limitations defined in insurance programs.

Who can use this card?

Anybody can. There is no paperwork to fill out to obtain a card, therefore there is no qualifying, questionnaires or exclusions. If you need a card, you can simply go to the website and print one. They are pre-activated and you do not give out any personal information.  The drug discount cards themselves are free, there is no membership or fee associated with owning a card.

Is there a catch?

No. This is one thing in the world that truly does come for free.  You do not need to sign up for it. There is no minimal purchase requirement.  There is no email or phone number to give for marketing purposes.  It is simply a card to give you discounts on medications you use.   You do not need to switch pharmacists or even the medication that you are taking.  The drug discount card was designed with one purpose in mind, to help people be able to better afford their prescription medications.  That is exactly what this card does.

In short, the drug discount card is there to help. Whether you make millions of dollars a year or can barely make ends meet, this card is available to you.  The goal of this benefit is to stop people from skipping their medications due to costs.  Medication is prescribed a certain way (with particular directions) for valuable reasons.  Unfortunately today, many cannot afford their medications. This results in their life, both personal and professional, failing.  Medications have an overall effect on a person’s entire wellbeing.   It is important for everybody involved that you are able to take the medications prescribed to you.  It only makes sense to print and use a drug discount card because you are never under any obligation of any kind, the benefit is all yours.  It is a simple card that can change the financial outcome of any family.  It is something that does not make sense to not have in your wallet.  If you could save up to 80 percent on something this common, this easily, what is stopping you?


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