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A Complete Overview of Rx Savings Card

These Rx savings cards can be called a windfall for many, who are not able to opt for a health insurance due to the cost involved in it. One cannot deny the fact that health insurance is a very good option as it not only covers the charges on the medications, but also covers certain other charges like laboratory tests, whereas these cards can be used only for  prescription  drugs. Still, it can be considered a boon, as it is used to save anywhere between 20% and 85%, depending on the pharmacy discount network that has issued the card.

If one takes a closer look at the details about these cards, then he or she may realize the benefits about these cards. These are issued with an original intent of helping the people out by offering a discount on the prescription drugs. If one notices, the prescription drugs are sold out at different pharmacies across the country. Many people are able to afford these medications and many are not able to due to many financial or family commitments, which in turn become a threat to their own lives. But, one should note that these cards are not part of the insurance network that formulates health plans for its customers. These cards are a substitute for the health insurance or can be used along with it. But, one cannot acquire a combined benefit from both the insurance as well as the prescription savings card at the same time.

Who is Eligible to Use Them?

Anyone can use them, but it is not possible for everyone to save the maximum amount of money on these cards. It may be confusing, but the truth is, it depends completely on the prescription medication and the pharmacy where one buys the medication and also uses the discount card. Some card issuing companies have eligibility limits based on the income, age, etc. Some companies issue cards exclusively to people who are above the age of 65 or to people with young children, who may be buying more medications. These cards are usually offered for free. One needs to register online and take a print of the card and can use them immediately. But, few companies have strict rules on issuing these cards, and do not issue to people who have health insurance.

How to Obtain One?

Though these cards are issued in many nooks and corners and some companies even send them through the mails, still it is not accessible to many who are in need of it. Obtaining this card is generally very easy and there are various means to get one.

•    Some states in the US distribute these cards for free for their citizens. So, one can first approach the local government and enquire if they issue such cards.

•    One may even check with the local pharmacies, whether such cards are issued by them. As these cards are beneficial for the pharmacies in building up their customer base, they issue the cards which are accepted by them.

•    At times, if one is a member of an organization, then a few cards are issued by them. So one may enquire with the organization, in which he or she is a member.

•    Some corporate firms recommend such cards for their employees.

•    If you are not able to acquire through any of these options, then one may search online which may pull out a list of websites of pharmacy discount networks, which may issue the discount cards for free.

In today’s society, health has become a day-to-day issue and people are forced to shed a lot of money from their own pocket. In such cases, an Rx savings card is going to prove beneficial., with a network more than 63,000 participating pharmacies, offers free Rx savings card that helps people save up to 80% on prescription drugs. To read more about discount pharmacy cards, you may visit