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Are Discount Pharmacy Cards Real?

Since the last decade, there has been a huge difference in the rates of prescription medicines that are available in the market. According to researchers, there is a huge leap of about 14.1% in comparison. Due to such a leap, many people have started neglecting their overall health. But people who depended on insurance policies weren’t worried as the cost was borne by the health insurance company or they acquired a discount on the prescription medications. It is said that many insurance companies do not bear the cost of prescription drugs. In such a scenario, people either avoid medications totally or take only a partial dosage of the prescribed medications which is not going to be a solution to their problem. Many people are suffering from a lot of diseases and they need to take medications to come out as a healthy individual. Keeping all these criteria in mind, many prescription assistance networks have come forward to help the public by issuing a free pharmacy discount card, which anyone can use to get a discount up to 80%. Many may think that these cards may have some hidden clauses or charges, which is not true. These card companies do not charge any enrollment or application charges and are absolutely free! Another advantage is that there is no necessity to file for any insurance or tax claims.

How to Acquire a Card?

Acquiring these cards is very easy as many companies send such cards to the doorsteps of the customers. If one needs he can search online for drug discount cards and can apply for one through online. As soon as one applies, the card is approved and one can print it. The priority is the Rx BIN number and Rx GROUP number.

How it Works?

Many card issuing organizations have tie-ups with a chain of pharmacies or individual pharmacies. When this card is produced in a particular pharmacy along with the filled in prescription, the pharmacist will input the information in his system and a discount up to 85% can be had on the prescription medications. The advantage of approaching the pharmacy is that the information once entered is stored in the system, and one does not have to carry his or her discount prescription card, but need to remember the number to get a discount every time.

But, one should always remember that not all pharmacies accept the card produced. Usually after filling out the online application form of a particular pharmacy network, a card is issued and along with it a list of pharmacies where the card can be used is also issued. Many prescription networks have tie-ups with more than 63,000 pharmacies or network of pharmacies who will accept the card.

These cards serve a better purpose than an insurance card as it provides a better discounted price on prescription as well as generic medications. The card holder cannot use both the insurance card as well as the prescription discount card. He or she can compare the pricing with the pharmacy and use the cards accordingly.


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