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Talk About a “Great Road Rage”!!

I know this sounds crazy especially on this site…. A white SUV aggressively pursued me on Highway I-495 South in MA, tailgating and hooting. I instantly thought it was an angry driver that I had earlier obstructed while getting on the highway. I increased my speed and even moved my car for him to pass, but he kept tailgating. At some point I thought of calling 911 to report the pursuit but I changed my mind. I immediately took the next exit and so did the white SUV.

As you can imagine I thought my world was coming to an end and all that was left to do is to say my last prayers. My thoughts started to speak  to me, ” What if he pulls next to my car and pulls out an glock and does a drive-by shooting?” That’s what you think after watching too many action movies. Oh, did I mention it was at night, and that he did pull over behind my car and came to my window where I had stopped.I immediately reached for my doors and windows and tried to reach for my phone. To my surprise he knocked my window and all I heard was “Your muffler is falling off”.

He then got back to his car and left. I immediately came out and checked and there it was;  my muffler hanging ‘by a thread’. The following morning I brought my car to my mechanic and after telling him my ordeal, he told me that guy saved me a lot of money because it would have cost a lot more if the muffler came out on the road. It would have damaged other parts of my cars and maybe  other cars. It might also have caused a very bad crash depending on how it came off.

What a “Great Road Rage it was ”. If only I could meet the driver of the White SUV and at least buy him dinner or something. I guess for now, “You Rock”! will suffice.


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