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Discount pharmacy Cards Provide Huge Savings on Medication

It is a sad reality for too many people in our society that their health is in jeopardy because they cannot afford a prescription. For many, it becomes the decision between paying a bill, putting food on the table, or filling the prescription that might ease their pain or kill infection. While this should not be the case, it is. Simply put, health benefits are a luxury for many. There is however some relief for those in need of a prescription in the form of a discount pharmacy card.

What is a Discount Pharmacy Card?

A Discount Pharmacy card is also known as a prescription drug discount card, consumer card, point of sale card, and co-pay card, allows prescription drug users to save money on all types of prescription medications. At the time of purchase, members simply present their card at a participating pharmacy to instantly receive substantial discounts on their prescription drugs. The discount pharmacy card can be used by the card owner and all dependents living in the house. And here is an interesting fact – your pets are also covered for the discount for any prescriptions filled through your pharmacy.

Organizations such as the Prescription Assistance Network provide free discount pharmacy cards. These cards are free to apply for and are ready to use immediately upon signage – immediate discounts. Users can save up to 80% on most prescription medications at over 63,000 pharmacies worldwide. There are no enrolment or activation / application fees for a discount pharmacy card.

This is a viable option for those who do not have insurance, or have limited or no prescription drug coverage. Discount Pharmacy card members can save money on all prescription drugs – those with insurance coverage will also benefit from the card for pre-existing medical conditions that are not approved by health plans and subsequent insurance coverage. For others, it may provide a larger discount that their plans.

How to Use your Discount Pharmacy Card

Your discount pharmacy card is already activated – print it and use it right away. To use it, you simply need to visit one of the thousands of pharmacy locations nationwide that are participating. Present your card and your prescription to the pharmacist. Once the prescription is filled, you will receive your discount during the time that you pay. It is an immediate discount – there is no need to file a claim and wait for a refund. Your card provides discounts on both brand-name and generic drugs. The easiest way to find out how much your Discount Pharmacy card saves you is to take your card into your pharmacy and ask for your discounted price, before getting your prescription filled. If you have insurance, then you can compare it to the co-pay.

Is my personal information safe?

When you fill out the forms to access your personal discount pharmacy card, what happens to the information that is collected? Your personal information is secure – pharmacies who participate in the program and offer the discount pharmacy cards are prohibited from selling or sharing your personal information except for the use of filling prescriptions. Your privacy is respected and thereby protected from use other than prescriptions.


Getting your hands on a discount pharmacy card ( ) is one of the easiest ways to save money on your prescribed medications. A great asset, these cards are actually available to everyone – insured or not. Find out more and get your card from us at Prescription Assistance Network, right now. For more information on pharmacy discount cards, you may also visit Wiki.answers.