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nuances of the beautiful

Pursuit of the perfect wedding dress the bride will notice every bit related, such as how to choose wedding photos, how to swing pose, how to make you more photogenic and so on. But I wonder if you have noticed wedding Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet jewelry selection problem. You know, when the camera occasionally shoot some local features, especially documentary wedding, usually taken about neck, hands, etc., which we need to carefully select some jewelry as decorate. How to choose wedding jewelry?

Pearl agate jade. Pearl, jade and agate, which is typical of Oriental woman jewelry, Light and soft, subtle and restrained, they also like the traditional beauty of the female body in general. Jade, agate has a different color, showing a colored light, though not as bright as diamonds, but in the light of the next photo, also visible are like fine gurgling flow of water, air out clear, there is a natural beauty. In temperament, it is more suitable for us. Tianjin wedding photography studio wedding photography Angel believes agate bead has a relatively strong classical charm, is more suitable for traditional Chinese wedding or nostalgic wedding, so parents who pay attention to when shooting oh.
Diamond. Sparkling Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale diamonds as mermaid's tears, sparkling and charming. It has a bright sheen, are like stars in the sky hanging, flashing. Diamond charm will also here, the number of women dedicated to the pursuit of a huge dazzling diamonds, only to have it alone bright luster. But the United States is the United States carry the diamond, but the cost is more expensive, especially rare diamonds, it is rare hard to find. Angel Tianjin wedding photography tips, diamond jewelry is more suitable for Western-style wedding, as with white silk and so on. Avoid wearing a dress or wearing traditional clothes Kat Diamond, will become inconsistent.
Gold and silver and other. In addition to these accessories, our wedding jewelry and of course with more options, such as gold and silver jewelry and other ornaments with red string line, But we preferred the traditional gold and silver accessories. In a very long time, the ancients have been gold and silver as money, see its precious. Even if it is the moment now, gold and silver is still welcomed by many newcomers, the bride's jewelry are also among more than a silver and gold. The red string jewelry and other lines, they are more suitable for casual fashion, such as when shooting casual wedding wear. For gold and silver Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet jewelry, it is recommended only pro or when shooting a traditional wedding gown as decorate.