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Advantages and Disadvantages to having Induction cooker

Induction cooking technology is just beginning to become popular in India; while induction cooking has been popular in the world for a number of years. It uses a renewable source of energy that is both environmentally friendly and free. These are definitely the most energy efficient way of cooking our food. Heat is generated by electromagnetic currents in the burners that respond to metal cooking pots and pans. It is often referred to as heatless cooking because it does not require an open gas flam or red-hot electric coils. Only the pan and food contained within it become hot when you cook on an induction cook top. The cook top’s surface becomes almost cool to the touch as soon as the pan or pot is removed from the burner. Does it really provide more advantages to make us right away make the changes from our traditional cooking stoves and electric flat tops?


Safety: With the induction cooking, the burners stay cool at room temperature and there are no dangerous fumes being admitted into the air, using hot pads, eliminating the worry your hands. You will get no response from it when it is not activated when you place your hand on it while it is turned on, the induction cooker would only be activated when it contact with material that has enough ferrous content.

No Wasted Heat: Induction cookers which use around 84% if the energy it consumes to cooking while in gas powered cookers less than half of energy it consume gets used for cooking.

Efficiency: As compare to electric and gas cooking, induction cooking is about to 85% more efficient and they have 47% and 40% energy and cooking efficiency rating respectively according to studies. The biggest difference between induction cooking and other kind of methods is where the heat is actually generated. Gas and electric stovetops produce heat on a burner, but in an induction cooker heat generated in cooking pan and then its contents.

Accurate Heating: It provides a steady and accurate amount of heat and you can adjust the heating of the induction cooker instantly. It achieves extremely high temperatures in short period of time. Any adjustments to the heat are precise and almost instantaneous during the cooking process.

Convenience: These appliances are very convenience because they are easily wiped off, food spills and boil-overs aren’t burned on to the stove. In addition, stove tops are easy to clean glass or ceramic surfaces. You can leave the pot on the burner after cooking without having to worry about excess heat burning your food.


Ferromagnetic Materials: With ferromagnetic materials in it you can only use cooking vessels and we cannot use regular copper or aluminum pans, etc.  It only starts cooking when in contact with cooking tools made of substantial amount of iron, this is due to the fact that the electromagnetic system of the cooking element gets activated.

Availability: In India induction cooking is still new concept. Therefore, these kitchen appliances are not as widely available as their gas and electric counterparts. Price should begin to fall as the demand for induction cook tops increases.

Electricity: It can prove to be one of the disadvantages, should electricity outage is rampant on your area although this is not necessarily a disadvantage.

It is a good cooker and it can have few of its disadvantage but generally when it comes to energy efficiency and safety, it is preferred to use induction cooker. It does not cost that more than your traditional cooker and it can be bought at a reasonable price, although this is new technology.