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Match wearing little face beauty

Face is born, but it looks like the face is very small modification can be achieved by the day after tomorrow! In addition to the usual T-shirt, hair, Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale jewelry accessories closest to the face, in fact, is the best modification props, today, share with you just how clever use of necklace + earrings with surgery, wear out your little face . First, we face divided into six categories, with the highest guiding principle is jewelry:
1 Avoid wearing jewelry and face repeated, so you can strike a balance!
2 Avoid earrings and necklaces are very eye-catching, bright spots can focus on one.
1 face: round face person
Traits: Full face down so consistent proportion plump cheeks, chin short
do it: usually a round face that can easily appear to be relatively short neck, the collar can be worn clothing larger openings, such as V-neck collar clothing or u, v-shaped recycling long necklace decorative effect, elongated facial lines. Optimum length to the chest in the middle of the clavicle, necklace length at least more than 16 inches (generally silver chain length), you can make more beautiful neck line. Want to have growth in the face, the effect of narrowing, pendants to choose rectangular or teardrop-shaped, allowing plump soft with just facial lines. Select elongated earrings, drape-style or three-dimensional point, the length between about 2 ~ 3cm best balanced round face effect.
don't do it: a round face and a lack of three-dimensional, characteristic facial features cannot see, or do not wear large ear style earrings, necklaces, or to avoid stick-neck with chains too thick too complicated, this will give people a kind of tight feeling.
Face 2: square face people
Characteristics: wide forehead, chin wide, full-face visual square
do it: Select the shape sleek pendant, such as teardrop-shaped, oval or long curved earrings with a necklace, can ease the face angle. You can choose a little soft, like a pearl necklace, ribbon necklace on the material; you can soften overly masculine facial lines. Necklace longer than collarbone can also use the length of mix and match, for example, a bunch of chest-length string of pearls chain, embellished with a metal pendant clavicle in between, it will form a graceful proportions match.
don't do it: In order to avoid duplication of face, do not wear a square, triangle or pentagon-shaped jewelry such as sharp edges, do not choose the color of the material with cold steel or silver ornaments, gold with rose gold Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet mild is a good choice.
Face 3: The inverted triangle face people
Qualities: the wide and small, more pointed chin
does it: "Wide small under the" Select earrings, pendants, can balance the skinny chin, so that facial lines look more successful. Geometric patterns such as circular teardrop-shaped, gourd-shaped and not sharp angle triangle, oval and button styles of jewelry, and it is suitable for wearing short chain or collar, so you can increase the weight of the chin beautiful oval face, so that facial lines appear more rounded.
don't do it: inverted triangle face feels very thin, give people a sense of Bitter and should avoid wearing jewelry is very clear point of view, such as triangular, hexagonal necklace or earrings. A pendant earrings, do not just stop at chin length seat, longer or shorter are ok, because it makes it easier to focus attention on the thin chin.
4 faces: long face people
Traits: forehead to chin length is longer, narrower cheekbones on both sides; there is a feeling of long
does it: because the face is too long, rounded or full of jewelry to wear, you can increase the weight of the ears or collar. Like a big gemstone earrings ear style, rich color retro earrings, people will make a long face look nobler. Choose a short chain or collar necklace, pendant or horizontal deployment, to achieve the effect of modified face.
Don’t do it: long face may be a long chin or forehead wide, mostly give people a little too man, not soft feel. Length of the necklace to avoid exceeding 16cm, the distance between the clavicles is the best. If you want to wear a long Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet necklace, you can do with short-chain coupled strip. Also avoid wearing long earrings shaped swing, will face no such focus.