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All that you may want to know about Lasers!

Lasers are an indispensible part of our lives these days. We see them being used in so many different forms every day. Remember that cute teenager in your neighborhood who got such a big boost of confidence after getting his eyes operated through laser?  Or your trip to the supermarket or to the ATM, the other day? The card that you used to make payments or withdraw money was read by a machine with the help of laser. This brilliant invention is credited to a physicist, Theodore Maiman, and it was first used successfully on May 16, 1960. Since then it has been used in various ways- from drilling holes of various diameters, ranging from a few microns to several millimeters in diameter in the hardest of metals, with pin point precision to the super fine equipment used in the aviation industry and from the technology used to fight cancer to making (GASP!) bombs of the most lethal quality, we find lasers at work everywhere. Laser beams have brought light to the eyes of the blind and have helped cosmetologists remove those ‘’ugly’’ moles, tattoos, wrinkles and even the unsightly and unwanted ‘’extra’’ hair to give their clients the ‘’Perfect’’ faces and bodies that they desire.

While it would be an understatement if we say that different lasers are used to conduct different functions and that the laser which reads your Credit card would be totally inept at removing a mole from your face, this much is obvious that all lasers work by using the same fundamental principle. Even though different lasers operate at different wavelengths from ultraviolet through the visible light spectrum to infrared, they all operate on the same basic principle. So what is that principle? Find out in our next segment. Stay tuned!

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