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The benefits of industrial dishwashers

In a busy kitchen, washing dishes by hand is simply not a practical option. Pots, pans, cutlery and crockery all need to be cleaned extremely quickly especially during busy times and hand washing is not a quick enough option to keep up with demand.
Instead, industrial dishwashers are best placed to get the job done. Not only are they are faster than hand washing, they can also reach far higher temperatures meaning a tougher clean and a better finish is achieved. Some high performance machines can reach temperatures of 82 degrees. Many industrial dishwashers let the user set different temperatures depending on the type of wash needed. A standard wash is normally set at around 65 degrees, whereas higher temperatures offer thorough disinfection for when a deep clean is required. Because of their high temperature and their thorough cleaning mechanisms, even the toughest dirt can be shifted. And this can be done quickly. Pots with dried on grease, burnt remains and stubborn stains can all be dealt with by just one cycle of the dishwasher.
Industrial Dishwashers tend to work on far quicker cleaning cycles that domestic dishwashers, which can sometimes take over an hour to clean the items inside. Industrial dishwashers offer cycles that last just two or three minutes; ideal in a kitchen where speed is of the essence.
Commonly, industrial dishwashers will differ in appearance to domestic machines too. Although some offer a similar front loading system to domestic washers, most will offer a pass through style of cleaning. This allows the user to load plates, crockery, pots and pans onto a basket which is then slid into the dishwasher. The top half of the dishwasher is pulled down over the basket and cleaning begins. This then gives the user the opportunity to begin stacking another basket before the cycle has finished.
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